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Is Probate Required if There is a Will?
When is Probate Necessary in New York?
Best Estate Planning Lawyers in Brooklyn: Why it is important?
Do I need an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning for a Married Couple: How to do it?
Estate Planning for Business: Why it is Important?
What is Estate Planning?
What does an Estate Plan include?
Is Estate Planning only for the Wealthy?
Estate Planning for Singles: Widowed, Divorced, and Never Married!
Estate Planning for Pets: Why it is important?
Estate Planning for Children: How to do it right?
Estate Planning Checklist: Important Guidelines & Details!
Estate Planning for Business: Why it is Important?
What Is Estate Planning?
What Does an Estate Plan Include?
Is Estate Planning Only For the Wealthy?
Estate Planning for Pets: Why You Need To Do It?
Estate Planning for Children
Estate Planning for Singles
Estate Planning Tips for A Married Couple
Do I Need an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning for Business
Estate Planning Lawyer
/Common estate planning scams you must ignore
Benefits of Estate Planning for Low Income Individuals
Why Estate Planning for Minors is Important?
Estate Planning for New Parents & Couples!
How to do Estate Planning for Non-US citizens?
How to do Estate Planning for Separated Spouse?
Estate Planning for Young Families & Couples!
Estate Planning Goals For Blended Families
What is Estate Planning in a Digital Age?
Estate Planning Strategy In The Digital World
Importance of Estate Planning In the Down Economy!
Estate Planning Is The Best Tool to Save Inheritance Tax
Estate Planning Process & Step by Step Guide!
Why Estate Planning for Elderly Parents is Important?
How to do Estate Planning for Digital Assets?
Estate Planning for Childless Couples & How to do it?
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Estate Planning Errors to Stay Away From
Estate Planning Documents: All Must Have Important Docs in Details!
Estate Planning At Different Ages
Estate Planning and the Military; Understand the Importance!
Estate Planning: What happens when your spouse dies?
Estate Planning: Living Trusts vs. Will Difference & Importance!
Estate Planning Errors Through Digital Means
Do You Need A Probate Attorney After Estate Planning
Do Retirement Accounts Go Through Probate?
Estate Planning: Difference between a Will and a Trust!
Challenging Estate Plans – Fraud
Estate Planning: Difference between a Living Will & Power of Attorney

The short answer to this question is yes, although here at the Eco Dental we are all too well aware that kids teeth flossing is not a favorite activity for children or adults for that matter. We do find some parents are quite surprised to find out very young children should be flossing regularly.

As soon as their teeth come into contact then you need to begin flossing their teeth for them. It is important for good dental health as flossing is the only effective way to remove food and plaque that get trapped in between teeth. A toothbrush cannot reach into these tight spaces, and these contact areas in between teeth account for one-third of your tooth surfaces so flossing is definitely a high priority for good dental health. By making sure your kids teeth flossing done well, you can reduce gum infections and the risk of tooth decay (Read more: Children’s Tooth Decay).

Kids Teeth Flossing: When to Start?

We know a very young kids teeth flossing isn’t easy and one way to make it a bit simpler for you both is to have your child on your lap so you can get a better view of areas that need to be flossed. You can also ask Dr. Max, or any of our friendly pediatric dentist in Brooklyn or our dental team for advice and a quick demonstration on how to do this more effectively. Some parents may find it useful to sing while they do this task to make it more fun for their child or perhaps to make up a story about daily flossing.

Which Type of Dental Floss Is the Best Use for Kids?

There are lots of different types of dental floss that you can try and it’s really down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable for your kids teeth flossing. You might need to experiment with a few different kinds. With conventional floss, simply wrap the floss around your middle fingers and then hold it between your index fingers and thumbs so you can easily slide the floss in between each tooth. Hold the floss so it creates a C shape around the tooth and move it up and down to remove the maximum amount of plaque and food debris. You can also try using stick floss or ask us for some help and advice.

Why Regular Flossing Is More Comfortable for Your Child

Ideally you should be flossing your child’s teeth once a day, and just before bedtime is a great time to do it as they will go to bed with a nice clean mouth. Although it might seem an effort to floss every night, regular flossing will be a more comfortable experience for your child. They will have healthier and stronger gums and there is far less chance of them bleeding or feeling uncomfortable.

When Should My Child Begin Flossing without My Help?

Flossing requires quite a lot of manual dexterity and although your child should be able to begin brushing their teeth around the ages of seven or eight, you might need to help with your kids teeth flossing until they are aged nine or 10.


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